Top 5 Designers who made PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Worth Attending

Hello Fashionable Ladies and gentlemen, hope you all are doing great. I apologize for posting after a very long time, but hey I had heaps of super important things to do in my actual non-plastic life. Wait a second, my love for fashion continues… This time I asked my friend Sarosh Azam to join WTFbyBatur as a correspondent and she agreed. She was there covering all four days of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015. Sarosh and myself discussed the top ten collections, but we decided to narrow it down to Top Five collections. I am more than happy to share her vision with you guys only on WTFbyBatur. Kindly, scroll down. Xx
WTFbyBatur-SanaSafinaz-PSFW151st: Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz collection caught my fancy when they completely revitalized my fashion senses with the use of eye popping colors combined with bold geometric patterns, playful glamour of negatives and positives, beautiful draped dresses that can easy blend high fashion in your everyday wear look. It was truly depicting playful glamour. Sana Safinaz showcased at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015 day 4. The talented designers brought a vibrant color statement to the ramp combining the bright energies of the colours and controlled volumes in silhouettes. We were completely smitten by the collection, take a look.

  • Key features:  Geometric patterns – Flawless Draping – Solid bold blocks of colours


2nd: Shubinak

A whole new world! Hats off to the whole team for using pure Pakistani organic cotton and recycled cotton sack bags. Team Shubinak successfully showcased their voile collection at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day 3. Unlike all the brands that showcased their collection at Day 3, Shubinak was through and through coherent and true to the brand promise, just like their giveaways. They were organic, Pakistani and original; completely in line with the brand vision and the carefully selected hues from natural earthy tones, perfectly complimented the aesthetics of the brand. Shubinak took casual classic to a whole new level.

  • Key Features:  Casual – Organic – Colour pallet


3rd: Saira Shakira

Saira Shakira showcased their collection Eclectic Retro’ at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015 Day 2. We’ve all seen the swift rise and evolution of the designer duo to this day when their collection brought a breather and a fresh wave to the day. We loved the delicate Retro delicate prints by the brand; true to their aesthetics they brought contemporary chic to the ramp with especially the use of fringes. The silhouettes were wearable, looked hassle free yet very stylish and the best thing about their collection was the variation in the silhouette, there was something for everyone!

  • Key features:  Fringes – Retro prints


4th: Generation

That gharara dress!! Ideally that should be enough for anyone to understand why it was a pure delight to see Generation at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015 Day 2. The collection was true to the brand essence; off beat design aesthetics, literally ready to wear yet experimental. We’re drooling over the zebra stripped cut out inserts in the tights. While everyone decided to play it safe with the floral prints the design team at generation decided to go ahead with animal prints in the most unusual way. The contemporary collection by Generation beautifully unfolds the traditional story, making it just the perfect combo to fit in your everyday style statement.

  • Key Features:  Animal prints – Contemporary yet Traditional


5th: Nida Azwer

We saw the rise of color blue this year’s PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Nida Azwer’s collection Iznik literally took our breath away with the fragile cutwork and embroideries. The most unique feature from the talented designer was the immaculate detailing and layering: structured jackets, flowy drapes and controlled volumes complimenting each other bringing a completely delicate feel to the whole collection. Bonus points for playing with fabric and embellished textures, ready to wear was at its finest. It was just beeee youuu teee ful!!! #nuffsaid.

  • Key Features:  Layering -Fabric creation

We have more Favourites including Fahad Hussayn, Zonia Anwaar, Beech Tree, Republic by Omer Farooq and many more from this Fashion Week coming soon on Instagram and Twitter, FOLLOW us on: @baturbaturs

Author: Sarosh Azam


Check. Check. Check. Checkered…

Hello Fashion Lovers. Its been a long time I know. I hope you guys are fine and fashionably doing well. Pakistan’s LUX style award show 2014 is almost around the corner, well here I am to share the top to bottom checkered suit I wore (designed by myself) back on the red carpet of LUX 2013. I am also posting my research on black & white checkered designs, designed by other designers world-wide, who influenced me to wear such suit.


My black & white Oxford shoes are from ZARA, which I bought like 4 years from now, still loving them.

FUN, isn’t it?



Monochromatic checks are always suitable for both casual and formal events.


Phillip Lim and McQueen are among my all time favorite menswear designers.WTFbyBatur-Checkered-Me&othersCollage5

Basically, almost every designer have worked with B&W check.

P.S. I was labelled as the best dressed male on the LUX Style Awards Red-Carpet by a prestigious and very cool Pakistani Weekly Fashion Magazine SUNDAY DAILY TIMES.


You can look’n read about my 1st LUXperreince by clicking here.

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#BaturNoticed his F.A.V Looks for Men Summer 2015

Hello Fashionable Followers. Check out some of the menswear S/Summer 2015 collections, that tickled my fancy!


 Christopher Kane has now officially topped the list of my FAVORITE designers. He is brilliant in designing both women and menswear.


Opening Ceremony impressed me really hard.


Drama and wear-ability in a menswear show. Edgy, wearable and juvenile.


I just L.O.V.Ed this summer 2015 collection of Buberry, there was not a single LOOK that I would not like to carry.

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#BaturNoticed HSY’s First Flagship RTW Store


 HSY opens doors to Flagship Ready-To-Wear Store at Gulberg Galleria in Lahore


Fashionable ladies and gentlemen, after the showcase of S/S 2014 collection ‘Sher’ at 7th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week earlier in April and ‘Venom’ at Fashion Pakistan Week 6 in February 2014.


Pakistan’s fashion Fame Monster Hassan Sheheryar Yasin continues his 20th year celebration with the launch of a brand new HSY Flagship Ready-To-Wear Store at Gulberg Galleria Lahore. A concept store/boutique, the interior has been designed by Architects Inc and constructed by AI constructions. The new HSY store includes formal, luxury prêt and prêt a porter within a price range of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 100,000, amazing right? Further, hot off the PSFW ramp, the ‘Sher’ collection is currently available to retail at the store.


HSY and myself Batur in HSY. Lovin’ it…!

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin said “All of us at HSY are delighted to expand our retail presence to Lahore’s most prestigious retail address, Gulberg Galleria. Indeed with this new Ready-To-Wear Store, all our prêt collections seen regularly at fashion weeks in Pakistan and globally, will be made available immediately after their runway showcases instead of only being available to order at the HSY studios – it allows our brand to become more accessible. This store furthers our vision of “Giving is the new Achieving” with the instant presence of the Sher collection showcased at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 which is in homage to and in support of, women empowerment. The collection in store features indigenous embroideries fashioned by the female artisans of the village Shergarh which will now be immediately available to the general public. I am also looking forward to what we have planned ahead for 2014 with the unveiling of an exciting new television project, more cross brand synergies and building on our ethos of giving back to Pakistan through the business of fashion.”

Batur wearing HSY

Me, myself portering HSY Trench Coat

Sehyr Saigol, HSY, Reema Khan

Mama Saigol, HSY and pretty Reema

The HSY Ready-To-Wear, Shop is now open at the Gulberg Galleria, Shop #5, Main Boulevard, Gulberg 3, Lahore

The HSY Ready-To-Wear, Shop is now open at the Gulberg Galleria, Shop #5, Main Boulevard, Gulberg 3, Lahore. For more information log on to:

Have Fun my Fashion Lovers!

 Info via Lotus-PR / Photo Courtesy: Faisal Farooqui (DRAGONFLY)


What to Buy from FPW Summer 2014 – WTFbyBatur


Hey Hey Fashionable Followers. Hopefully you guys are feeling fine. I flew from Lahore to Karachi to attend Fashion Pakistan Week Summer 2014 (FPWS2014). It was another fashionable time of my life. I hope you guys have already read my Review on It took me a while to make this Blog Post, but finally it is here in your service and guidance. As usual I tried my best to get you the best visuals. From each designer I picked my FAVORITE looks and separate pieces. There is something for every personality and age group that you should be wearing this Summer 2014. I hope you like the Images and Close-Ups. Do share your thoughts with moi. Thank You and are Welcome.

Fashion Pakistan Council and HumTV-PR, thank you for your Love and being so Fashionable.

Now Enjoy my Favorite Picks below. Xo…!

WTFbyBatur-AdnanPardesiGOTA for Good… The Innovative Adnan Pardesi, He is back!

WTFbyBatur-AliXeeshanAli Xeeshan, Fashionable + Entertainment = LOVE

WTFbyBatur-MohsinAliMohsin Ali made me feel I am at London Fashion Week.

WTFbyBatur-MohsinAli2WTFbyBatur-HSYTapuRoberto Cavalli like Beauty, it’s the amazing Pakistani Designer HSY (I personally would want to wear his this collection)

WTFbyBatur-HSYTapu2Love Love Love… Those Pants…!WTFbyBatur-KamiarRokiniFashion + Art = Kamiar LoveWTFbyBatur-DaamanTrue Pakistan High Street Brand Daaman, So Chic

WTFbyBatur-Deepak perwaniModern and Confident = Deepak PerwaniWTFbyBatur-Deepak perwani2Super Urban-ism at Deepak Perwani
WTFbyBatur-FahadHussaynFahad Hussayn Fierce Forever!

WTFbyBatur-FahadHussayn2Couture like Love details in Luxury Ready-To-Wear at Fahad Hussayn

WTFbyBatur-GULABOGULABO by Maheen Khan, She’s Goddess at what she does…
WTFbyBatur-GULABO2Thank you Maheen Khan for showing us Truck-Art not so colorful for a good change. #GULABO

Super Feminine at Faraz Manan
WTFbyBatur-FarazManan2Classic Ladylike Chicness. Faraz MananWTFbyBatur-GulAhmedThe only Look I liked at Gul AhmedWTFbyBatur-HSYHSY knows. Word!

WTFbyBatur-HSY3Fierce & Fabulous. HSY

WTFbyBatur-HSY2WTFbyBatur-InaayaINAAYA ate a piece of my Heart.

WTFbyBatur-Inaaya4Too Good, Good woman. #INAAYA

WTFbyBatur-Inaaya2Simply Outstanding! Incredible Inaaya

WTFbyBatur-JafferjeesWardha and Jafferjees, Good job!

WTFbyBatur-KayseriaThe Only Two Looks I liked at Kayseria

WTFbyBatur-MahinHussainCelebrate your Woman-ism at Mahin Hussain

WTFbyBatur-MahinHussain2Not Bad, Impressive. Mahin Hussain

WTFbyBatur-NaumanArfeenNauman Arfeen Serves Well…

WTFbyBatur-NaumanArfeen2Great Details. Handsome and Expensive taste. #Nauman Arfeen

WTFbyBatur-NidaAzwerWhite White White Heart Heart. Nida Azwer

WTFbyBatur-NidaAzwer2Layers of Love. Summer Time. Sheer Fabrics. NidaAzwer


No Apologies, We Love Fashion at Nomi Ansari

WTFbyBatur-NomiAnsariDiverse amalgamation of East and West = Nomi Ansari Love

WTFbyBatur-NomiAnsari4Glam Glam Love at Nomi Ansari

WTFbyBatur-SaniaMaskatiyaHigh end capsule collection by Sania Maskatiya in collaboration with Maybelline

WTFbyBatur-SanamChaudhriBeautiful capsule collection at Sanam Chaudhri in collaboration with Maybelline

WTFbyBatur-ShamaeelAnsariDries Van Noten like Fabulous Collection by Shamaeel Ansari. I heart it

WTFbyBatur-ZainabChottaniLiking the Fact that Zainab Chottani‘s this line is more affordable.

WTFbyBatur-WardhaSaleemWardha Saleem‘s Luxury Digital Prints. Beaut!

WTFbyBatur-WardhaSaleem2Enjoy WTFbyBatur Walls below!


WTFbyBatur Wall


WTFbyBatur Wall


WTFbyBatur Wall


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Photo Credits: Tapu Javeri

Nomi Ansari’s photo credits: Faisal Farooqui



Hello Fashionable Fellows!

I hope you guys are doing well. Today, I am going to talk about HAIR. There are a lot of people in this world, who do not care much about their clothes, but there is almost no one in the world who would not stress about their hair. We all know that our hair is the first and most important feature, when it comes to looks and just as per the famous saying  if you want to change your personality, change your hair.

We saw some remarkably fashionable hairstyles recently at Fashion Pakistan Week 2014, the hair trend shows were all about hair of different styles, from slick straight to curly or wavy and they all looked fierce and fashionably appealing.I personally love to carry good looking healthy Hair with Good Hair Styles together, but keeping both of these things in balance is a pretty hard job or you can say a very tiring job. If you keep on focusing on styling your hair on daily basis with the usage of different products, in no time you will see the damage your hair undergoes.When it comes to girls or boys (you never know) it is just not the products they use, it is also the hair appliances like curling rods, flat-iron and hot rollers, which of course  makes them look HOT and tasteful, but at the same time damages their Hair, knowing the worst climatic conditions we are moving towards

damaged hair 1

I guess its human nature to never be truly satisfied with what we have been blessed with, like the hair you have naturally. People with straight hair want curly hair and curly heads like straight hair and here come in the Hair straightening irons and curling rods. You might achieve the hairstyles  you want by passing your hair through these  200 above degrees hot appliances  but remember, you are damaging them at the very same time.  Wet hair is also very sensitive, avoid brushing your hair while it is wet and try to first detangle with wide-toothed comb and also do NOT over brush your hair when it is dry. Over brushing wet or dry hair will make your hair look dull and dry. Always try not to color your hair very often because most of these colors have ammonia, which can also help in damaging your hair. To get away with a bad hair day, you might bound your hair by braiding them etc, but make sure that your hair will get hurt if it is tied too tight.

What Actually Kills Your Hair Health?

We all are aware of the fact that our hair damage is completely our fault. Your hair is part of your body and it reacts positively if taken care in a healthy manner. We all know that the hair-styling appliances and drying your hair with towel in a rigid way and can destroy your hair. Breathing in air-conditioned artificial environment or  living in a period where global warming is speeding up every day, all these factors cause heaps of damage to almost every organic stuff we possess including your hair. Excessive exposure to the sun and pollution are among the reasons why our hair loses its natural polish, making it look dry and rough. If you observe a Rough texture, Dryness, Split-ends, Stiffness and  Breakage, it means you have crossed the border line and you are a victim of hair damage.

How to rescue your Hair? We often forget the fact our HAIR is super sensitive and can be harmed with no trouble. A healthy strand of a hair is constructed like a solved Puzzle where all the pieces are placed where they are suppose to be. As the time passes, for the sake of being fashionably trendy & stylish, we carelessly treat our hair with high temperatures and chemicals. The puzzle structure becomes weak, which means those chemicals in the hair products and heated irons and rollers pull out or break those pieces of puzzles leaving a gap. Those gaps are now responsible to make your hair have a rougher feel to it, an untidy look with split ends and ending up like a frizzy mess with no gloss.

In order to RESCUE the life of your hair, there are different natural remedies like applying egg or yogurt etc. to your hair, but for serious cure KERATIN can help you Take Care of your hair damage.  Keratin is a family of fibrous structural protein. It is also naturally in your hair and there is also a Keratin treatment which it helps to fill in those gaps and repair your hair. Keratin is more of a restorative treatment.

Learn More About Keratin HERE:

 Learn More About Keratin Treatment HERE:

WTFByBatur-Fashionable Peeps

Skinny Boys Walks for Saint Laurent – 2014


Hi-ya Fashionable Fellows, hope you guys are doing well. I thought to share something interesting, that happened in recent Menswear Fashion Week in Paris. Muscled male models were replaced by Skinny Boys at Saint Laurent’s Summer and Fall 2014 collections. Have a Look!

_YSL0080.1366x2048_YSL0648.1366x2048_YSL0426.1366x2048 _YSL0091.1366x2048



And this is Skinny Me (Batur)


WhoopSee…! That is again me. #SkinnyLegs

_YSL0276.1366x2048 _YSL0601.1366x2048 WTFbyBatur _YSL0222.1366x2048

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